How can you promote your soft skills?

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Posted at 22/12/2023
How can you promote your soft skills?
Boost your professional success with soft skills! Learn how to incorporate them strategically into CVs and job interviews.

Soft skills, more commonly known as interpersonal competencies, play a crucial role in professional success. Their growing importance in the professional world stems from the need for companies to create high-performance teams that work harmoniously together. Interpersonal skills go beyond language skills : they influence the way we interact with our colleagues and approach our tasks. Employers are looking for candidates who can adapt, innovate, collaborate and understand the needs of the business. According to WeSuggest’s barometer, only 11% of recruitment errors are linked to a lack of technical skills, so the assessment of soft skills is proving to be a decisive factor in ensuring good recruitment.

At Fed Finance Switzerland, we recognize the importance of understanding that even in skills-based field such as finance, soft-skills remain key to success in your field. Advertisements often mention qualities such as analytical ability, proactivity, rigor, communication and management skills. In this article, we explore how to identify, present and use these essential skills in the job search process. 

Integration into your resume

Presenting your soft skills in a CV requires more than just a generic list. We encourage you to illustrate your interpersonal skills with concrete examples from your professional experience. Rather than simply stating that you are an organized person, provide specific examples of situations in which this skill was successfully applied. You can place them under the resume title, integrate them into the descriptions of professional experience, or use relevant LinkedIn recommendations. 

Preparing for the interview

Preparing for a job interview is crucial: according to the WeSuggest barometer, 84% of recruiters evaluate soft skills during the interview. Plan ahead by identifying specific examples of each soft skill mentioned in your resume. Prepare detailed answers to questions on conflict management, problem solving and the challenges of teamwork. It is worth nothing that intuition remains the main means of assessment and that recruiters analyze the candidates’ posture and body language during the interview. 

Opportunity to stand out

In a competitive market such as finance, it is essential to stand out from other candidates. Strategically integrate your soft skills according to the platforms or means of communication on which you are active. Each sector requires specific qualities, and it is important to highlight them in the right way. By focusing on developing and highlighting these soft skills, candidates can really stand out, showing that they bring added value to the company over and above their specialist technical skills

At Fed Finance Switzerland, we understand that professional success goes beyond technical skills. Soft skills are the key to standing out and attracting the interest of recruiters in a demanding professional environment. By strategically highlighting your soft skills on your CV and at interviews, you will increase your chances of success. Make the most of your personality, and do not hesitate to ask at Fed Finance consultant to help you achieve your professional goals. In addition to advice from professionals with expertise in the financial sector, placing your trust in Fed Finance consultants allows you to benefit from send us your spontaneous application using this form, we will process your profile as soon as possible.