How to prepare for a job interview ?

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Posted at 06/06/2023
How to prepare for a job interview ?
A job interview is an exercise in anticipation and preparation. Here are a few tips to help you succeed when meeting recruiters:

Work on your presentation 

First, it is important to be able to present yourself clearly and concisely, so that recruiters can go back over certain details of your background later if they wish. When preparing for your job interview, it is best to put yourself in the recruiters' shoes to understand what their expectations are: make your choices by segmenting them by criteria of importance.

In fact, it is impossible to recount your entire career in detail. Therefore, we recommend practicing your oral presentation so that you can better integrate it and pay attention to its length. We recommend that you get help from a friend or family member to help you practice.

When talking about your educational and professional experiences, make sure you don't just list all the organizations you've work for. Use well-constructed sentences that tell your story and explain your choices.

Anticipate questions directly related to the presentation of your profile and be able to cite your strengths, weaknesses, and values. Be authentic, don't cheat. It is preferable to give answers that are true and that resemble you, because a candidate who invents his or her story is quickly identifiable. It's essential to be able to justify what you say, especially the part concerning your educational and professional background (change of career path, temporary break, travels, etc.).

Find out about the company and its offer 

Secondly, you need to gather information about the company that you think will be useful for your job interview. Find out by doing a Google search on the company's field of activity, to better understand the environment in which the company operates, the issues at stake, the specific vocabulary...

Search and analyze the company's employer brand on Google to find out more about it and select a few key figures that are communicated (number of employees, date of creation, etc.).

Recruiters pay attention to the importance you attach to their companies, so show that you're informed and motivated to join the organization.

Have a clear vision of your objectives and skills, and check which are directly relevant to the job offer. You can give details of your previous experience, such as a description of your previous assignments, or even present (illustrate) your work through a portfolio, showcase site, etc. Go back over the job opening in detail and analyze the job description: find out which ones you have mastered and tell the recruiters about them to reassure them and support them in their decisions. As for the jobs you have never done before, find out about them to show your stubborn side and prove that you're fully interested in the position.

Anticipate and position yourself 

If preparing for a job interview could be summed up in one word, "anticipation" would be the key word. Indeed, anticipation is the key to avoiding finding yourself in an uncomfortable or delicate situation, which is why we invite you to anticipate several details.

During your job interview, your appearance and personality will be observed by the recruiters, so make sure you are positive and pay attention to your verbal and non-verbal language. It's also important to choose professional attire beforehand to make a good impression.

Anticipate trick questions, build your sales pitch so as to position yourself during the interview, and consider all types of questions; here are a few examples:
- Compensation
- Are you a leader ?
- Your career plans (future projections)
- Autonomy / Teamwork
- What do you expect from a manager ?
- Ability to work under pressure ...

Keep in mind that anything that can make your interview easier and more fluid is a good omen, such as printing out your CV and cover letter, or thinking about the questions you'll be asking at the end of your meeting. Avoid going to the interview without any materials, and make sure you are equipped to take notes and retain essential information. Keep in mind that once the interview is over, you'll have to get back in touch with your interviewer in the next few days.

In conclusion, if you want to give yourself the best possible chance at succeeding in your job interview, take care of both your verbal and non-verbal presentations, and keep your sentences short and to the point. Next, find out all you can about the company and the vacancy, so as to demonstrate your motivation and complete mastery of your subject. Finally, anticipation will be the key to your success, enabling you to control the situation and really show your commitment.

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