Improving your skills: how and why?

Posted by Fed Finance Suisse in Our employment advice
Posted at 03/01/2024
Improving your skills: how and why?
Accelerate your professional success by developing your skills! Discover the impact on your career, from access to new positions to improved productivity. Explore practical ways, from training to temporary work.

Developing your skills is an essential part of excelling in a constantly changing professional world. This means assimilating the know-how and interpersonal skills you need to perform in your current or future job. Throughout your career, each skill you acquire is the result of your investment and experience. However, you can accelerate the development of your skills, an advantage both professionally and personally.

Why develop your skills?

In a variety of circumstances, skills development can be useful and even necessary: 

Accessing new positions

Regardless of the type of contract you are considering, improving your skills is necessary to increase your opportunities and convince at interview. A job-hunting period is the ideal time to assess your current qualifications and determine the skills you need to develop to stand out from the crowd. Some jobs require very specific skills and developing your own will increase your chances of meeting the requirements of certain vacancies. In addition, developing your skills is a valuable way of adding to your know-how and interpersonal skills, thereby strengthening your added value in professional situations.

Keeping your skills update

Professional practices are constantly changing, so it is essential to ensure that your professional skills are kept up to date if you are to remain competitive in a tough job market. Moreover, with digital technology revolutionizing the finance sector, you need to have the skills that recruiters are really looking for. Updating your knowledge through regular monitoring of your chosen fields is a good way of keeping abreast of the latest trends and practices.

Increasing responsibility

Upgrading your qualifications is often the key to moving up the internal ladder. By acquiring technical, managerial or communication skills, you can increase your chances of gaining access to more qualified positions. 

Improving productivity

Skills development can be geared towards improving productivity. By developing certain skills and working methods, you can become more effective in your job, boosting your self-confidence and well-being at work. 

How can you develop your skills?

There are several ways for everyone to develop their skills, whether you are looking for a position or already have one. 

Specific training

From personal development programs to work experience, there is a wide range of training available. Whether you are a jobseeker or already employed, find out about training schemes tailored to your sector and your objectives. 


Self-study, through physical books or online resources, give you the opportunity to develop theoretical and practical skills independently. This demonstrates your motivation and can considerably strengthen your applications.

Using temporary work to develop your skills

Working on a temporary basis is an invaluable way of accumulating experience and developing cross-disciplinary skills when you are looking for a new job. This variety of environments and assignments means that you can progress rapidly and develop the versatility that employers appreciate.

In conclusion, enhancing your skills is an essential investment in your professional development. Whether you choose to follow specific training courses, self-train or take advantage of temporary work opportunities, developing your skills is within the reach of any worker who is prepared to invest in their professional future. Sooner or later, this investment will result in new positions. Fed Finance Switzerland is a recruitment firm specializing in finance, accounting and payroll based in Geneva. Send your spontaneous application using this form, and a consultant will contact you as soon as an offer matches your profile and expectations.