Information not to forget in your job descriptions

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Posted at 03/11/2023
Information not to forget in your job descriptions
Job descriptions in Switzerland: your asset for attracting financial talent. Presentation, remuneration, job description, recruitment process: the essential tips.

Job advertisements are much more than simple job descriptions, they are one of the first points of contact between employers and potential candidates. To attract the best talent, job openings must contain the necessary elements to match candidates ‘interests and expectations. Job offers should be the showcase of your employer brand: through them, candidates should be able to understand the company and its values, beyond the job itself. To attract, seduce and retain the best talent in Switzerland’s financial sector, all job must include the following essential elements: 

Company presentation

A brief presentation of the company is necessary to make yourself known and to convince candidates. In a few words, convey the company’s history and culture, as well as its mission and values. Make sure you highlight the strengths and advantages that make you unique, to arouse candidate’s interest. Use your job offers as a showcase to highlight your employer image by illustrating certain advantages. This approach is highly appreciated by candidates, enabling them to better understand your company and determine whether its values correspond to their own. 

Remuneration and benefits 

Remuneration is one of the main points of interest in a job description, so be transparent about it, or make it clear that details will be discussed at the interview. When looking at a job offer, candidates also pay attention to the benefits offered by the company, such as insurance, training programs, opportunities for career development, flexible working hours, and so on. Highlight yours with a bulleted list. 

Job description 

The description should be clear, precise, and detailed. Avoid vague or generic terms.  Transparently describe the job’s specific responsibilities, required competencies (hard skills & soft skills) and expectations in terms of objectives. Highlight the challenges and opportunities offered by the position. This will help candidates understand what is expected of them, and whether they are the right fit for the job. Remember to include any information that may be useful to candidates, such as the type of contract, and the location of the position. In addition, make sure you choose the right keywords in this description to optimize the referencing of your ads. 

Recruitment process

Anticipate candidates’ expectations and explain the recruitment process directly in the job offer. Outline the various stages they will have to go through, the deadlines and the people to contact. Be sure to mention the job ad number, as well as any instructions for applying to the ad, such as the deadline for submitting their application. 

By ensuring that your job advertisements are relevant, attractive and professional, you will increase your chances of attracting the best financial talent in Switzerland. Do not underestimate the details – it is often the little things that really make the difference. It is important to carefully craft and optimize your job advertisements both in content and format

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