Optimizing your employer brand: our advice

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Posted at 18/12/2023
Optimizing your employer brand: our advice
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Employer branding plays a vital role in attracting new talent and retaining employees. However, its effectiveness depends ongoing development and regular communication. Moreover, the recruitment market in the Swiss financial sector is highly competitive, so employer branding is a real factor in setting yourself apart from other organizations. Beyond standing out, your employer brand becomes an essential strategy for attracting and retaining talent within your company. Fed Finance Switzerland, a specialist in finance, accounting and payroll functions, is your strategic partner to guide you through this crucial process. 

Why optimize your employer brand? 

Attraction and Retention

The reputation of your company as an employer of choice is a key factor in attracting new talent and retaining your existing employees. Employer branding goes beyond external image, encompassing strategies to highlight the intrinsic attractiveness of your organization. By working on your identify, you retain a degree of control over the image you project and create a positive perception of your company, attracting candidates and strengthening the commitment of existing employees. 

Assert your identity

Clearly defining your corporate identity and communicating your values are crucial steps. These values must not only set you apart from the competition, but also attract people who share the same principles. Highlighting your corporate social responsibility further enhances your attractiveness, attracting talent in search of meaning and commitment. 

How can you optimize your employer brand? 

Website: your digital shop window 

Your company website is often the first point of contact for candidates. Make sure it offers complete overview, presenting the history, workings and benefits of your organization. Writing informative and attractive job adverts, highlighting the company’s culture from the outset, strengthens the impact of your employer brand. 

Social networks: Spotlight on internal life 

Social networks play an important role in building your employer brand. Do not limit yourself to a simple external image, share your company’s internal life as their daily lives through a variety of content to strengthen the emotional connection with candidates. 

Look after your company’s reputation and e-reputation 

Your company’s reputation, both online and offline, needs to be monitored. You need to monitor feedback and comments, and respond transparently, particularly to negative reviews. A positive e-reputation strengthens candidates’ confidence and encourages them to recommend your company. Platforms such as Glassdoor and Google reviews provide crucial information about your reputation as an employer. 

Tools and certification

Certification and labels are practical ways of assessing and strengthening your employer brand. Certifications offer your company a series of significant advantages. Firstly, they are an effective way of differentiating you from the competition, strengthening your market position. As concrete proof of your commitment to excellence, these certifications act as a quality guarantee, establishing the confidence of your various audiences in your skills and talents. Moreover, they help to strengthen your company’s brand image. The communication actions generated by these certifications, both internally and externally, help to build a positive and rewarding image, thereby strengthening your employer brand. Internally, these certifications play a key role in uniting your staff around high quality standards, encouraging cohesion within the company. Externally, they position your company attractively in the eyes of talent, becoming an attractive factor for professionals looking for a stable environment. Finally, labelling gives you the opportunity to identify areas that need strengthening by proposing areas for improvement based on the best practices of other participants, thereby strengthening your position in the market.

Place your trust in a recruitment experts

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