Our tips for recruiting temporary employees

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Posted at 20/10/2023
Our tips for recruiting temporary employees
Find out all you need to know about temporary recruitment in Switzerland. Flexibility, expertise and savings for your company: you'll know all the advantages.

In an ever-changing Swiss job market, temporary contract recruitment has become an essential strategy for companies. Whether to respond to one-off projects, manage seasonal peaks in activity or fill temporary absences of key staff, the flexibility offered by temporary contracts is invaluable. However, to succeed in this field, strategic planning and a thorough understanding of Swiss temporary employment legislation are essential. In this article, we will guide you through these crucial steps to optimize your efforts to recruit temporary employees in Switzerland. 

Why consider recruiting a temporary resource?

There are a number of situations in which using a temporary resource is an appropriate solution for a company at a given time. Although the reasons differ from one company to another, temporary recruitment can generally be considered for the following reasons: 

Consolidating your team to cope with a peak in activity 

Rather than overload their permanent employees, or risk compromising the quality of their work, employers can opt for temporary recruitment. This approach allows qualified resources to be added to the team for a fixed period of time. Temporary recruitment gives companies the flexibility to adjust their workforce to meet demand, which can be particularly crucial in sectors such as finance and accounting, especially during quarterly closings or year-end reviews. 

Plan to replace an employee for a given period of time

In the business world, unforeseen events are not uncommon. Whether it is due to sick leave or a sudden departure, it is essential for Swiss companies to be able to maintain their level of performance. Temporary recruitment offers a quick and effective solution to these temporary absences. 

Recruiting an expert in a particular field for an important project or deadline 

Candidates already on the temporary employment market are profiles with specific skills, already operational. Let’s take the example of a company looking to expand internationally. It can temporarily recruit a financial expert specialized in international finance to manage the challenges associated with foreign currencies, tax compliance and accounting standards in each country. By hiring this expert, the company can efficiently carry out the project without having to invest time and resources in training an in-house employee. This approach offers flexibility, immediate expertise and long-term cost savings.

Preparing for permanent recruitment 

Hiring a new employee is an important decision, and one that carries its own set of risks. Temporary recruitment offers Swiss companies a unique opportunity to start a collaboration through a temporary contract with a potential candidate before making a permanent commitment. This argument is also valid for candidates, who can in return ensure that the company culture and various working conditions match their expectations. 

The benefits of temporary recruitment 

While there are a number of reasons why a company might want to hire on a temporary basis, it is also important to consider the advantages that hiring on a fixed-term basis offers Swiss companies. 

Time saving 

One of the key advantages of temporary recruitment is the speed with which companies can find a qualified candidate to fill a vacancy. This is particularly the case when one of your employees is unexpectedly absent: it is often necessary for the company to fill the position quickly in order to maintain the same level of productivity. Considering temporary recruitment saves time, as hiring and recruitment processes are generally faster. Moreover, hiring a finance and accounting expert on a temporary contract means you can benefit from their technical know-how quickly, as the candidate is already operational. 

Managing recruitment costs

Temporary recruitment is also considered to be a cost-effective recruitment solution, as it enables employers to reduce the costs associated with administrative procedures and permanent recruitment. An employee on a temporary contract is not included in the company’s overall workforce, as they are employed by the employment agency. The reduction in the payroll subject to these taxes represents a significant saving for the company. The cost of recruiting a temporary employee is treated as an external expense. Only the hours worked by the temporary employee are billed to you, according to the terms and conditions discussed when the employment agency was signed. 

Reactivity and expertise of recruitment firms 

Outsourcing your recruitment process to a recruitment firm like Fed Finance guarantee access to qualified profiles that correspond to your company’s needs and expectations.

Fed Finance consultants have access to expert tools and a vast database of candidates, in addition to their presence on job boards and professional social networks. We meet finance and accounting professionals on a daily basis for in-depth interviews? Moreover, our consultants have expertise in finance functions and in-depth knowledge of the job market in the Lemanic Arc region. At every stage of the recruitment process, Fed Finance consultants will advise and support you right through to the integration of your new temporary recruit. For the employer, delegating tasks such as writing and publishing advertisements, selecting CVs and conducting interviews to a recruitment agency speeds up the recruitment process. Moreover, employment agencies take care of all the administrative formalities (contract, payslip, occupational health, etc.).  

Temporary recruitment is an effective response to the changing needs of Swiss companies. It provides rapid access to qualified talent, simplifies recruitment and administration processes, and ensures continuity in the event of replacement needs. In an ever-changing labor market, temporary recruitment is emerging as a flexible and savvy strategy to support business growth and competitiveness. Looking for a new temporary resource for your company? Do not wait any longer and entrust your recruitment process to Fed Finance Switzerland. Express your needs and expectations in this form!