Writing and optimizing job offers

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Posted at 25/08/2023
Writing and optimizing job offers
To attract new employees, you need to identify the information you consider essential to communicate effectively with candidates.It's not enough to simply post a job ad; you need to optimize your ads to gain visibility and attract the best profiles to work for your company.

Are you having trouble attracting new employees? This could be a sign of poor optimization of your job descriptions! To attract new talent, it is essential to write and optimize your job adverts in line with candidates’ expectations and habits. Here are our tips for writing and optimize your job openings:

Why optimize your job descriptions? 

Recruitment is a competitive field in which companies need to stand out, particularly through their job descriptions, to attract new employees. Optimizing your ads will help you to gain visibility with a targeted audience and attract the best talent on the job market. As this is your first point of contact with potential candidates, it is a good idea to polish your presentation, and to include the information you consider essential for a good understanding of the job offer.

When drawing up a job advert, make sure you adapt your content so that it is well referenced. A well-referenced ad will be better considered by search engines when candidates make their queries. 

How to optimize your job openings?

  • Titles and keywords 

The choice of your titles and keywords plays a major role in referencing your ads. Beforehand, identify a few words to categorize the job offer, while using a lexical field adapted to the offer. And remember to adopt a professional tone, using terms that everyone can understand. Think like a candidate: what are the words they are looking for? 

  • Important filters and fields

Tailor your openings to your candidates: their searches are filtered by contract type, timeframe and location. 

  • Display remuneration 

When writing a job advertisement, we strongly advise you to keep a close eye on the compensation offered for the position you are applying to. This will give you an idea of the level of salary to be allocated in relation to the sector in which you operate. Moreover, candidates are more interested in offers that mention the remuneration they will receive, transparency being a factor that attracts them to apply. Include messages in your job advert to encourage candidates to act and contact you. 

Communicating on your employer brand

It has become essential for a company to include content linked to its corporate culture in its communication strategy. It is therefore essential that you devote a few lines of your job advert to present your employer brand, giving examples of benefits such as training, complementary health or retirement benefits, bonuses, etc…

Being highly appreciated by candidates, it also allows them to picture themselves working for your company, and check whether the company’s values match their own. To increase your visibility, we recommend that you rely on your employees to pass on your advertisements to their network. They are true ambassadors of your employer brand, reflecting the reality of the company and encouraging co-optation.

To sum-up, an impactful job ad requires you to keep a close eye on the market, in order to gather the information you deem essential to communicate to candidates. Moreover, it is important to make it easy for candidates to find what they are looking for, by choosing the right titles and keywords. Respond to their expectations by indicating the advantages of working for your company and the assignments they will be given. Pay close attention to the form of your job offer, and make sure it is attractive. It is important that your job offer reflects the reality of your company’s business. Remember to share your job description on all your networks (professional social networks, career page, job board, etc…).

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