Tips to help you maximise your chances in your job search

Posted by Fed Finance Suisse in Our employment advice
Posted at 27/11/2023
Tips to help you maximise your chances in your job search
Maximise your chances in the finance job search by personalising your CV, becoming a sought-after expert, exploring unsolicited applications, exploiting social networks, and working with Fed Finance for a successful career.

The quest for a job in finance can be an exhilarating but demanding adventure. The crucial first step in achieving this goal is to target a specific profession or area of expertise. In this article, we will explore the essential steps to finding a job in accounting and finance. By following these professional tips and considering Fed Finance as your partner of choice, you can maximize your chances of success in finding the position matching your job search. 

The importance of specialization 

The first crucial step in optimizing your job search is to tailor your CV to the specific vacancies you are targeting. Recruiters are looking for candidates whose profile closely reflects the company’s needs, and that is where specialization comes in. By gearing your CV to the position you are looking for, you increase your chances of attracting the attention of recruiters. Have a separate CV for each type of job you are aiming for, highlighting relevant skills and experience. This will enable you to better target your job search and tailor your application more precisely.

Become a sought-after expert

Once you have identified your specific field of activity, invest in developing your skills. Taking additional training courses, participating in free MOOCs, following influencers in your sector on social networks, and reading specialist magazines are all ways to stay updated and stand out as an expert in your field. 

Boost your chances with spontaneous applications

If jobs aren’t chasing your tail, take a proactive approach and opt for spontaneous applications. This approach allows you to offer your services directly to companies, without waiting for them to publish recruitment offers. It increases your chances of getting an interview and demonstrates your initiative. Bear in mind that many opportunities are not advertised through traditional channels, which makes this approach even more relevant. 

Social networks: not insignificant platforms 

The social network most dedicated to recruitment remains LinkedIn, where you can keep in touch and develop your professional network. Many recruiters are also active on this platform, relaying their job offers. In addition to professional social networks like LinkedIn, other so-called “personal” platforms offer job search opportunities. On Twitter, for example, you can follow hashtags like “job”, “joboffers”, or “work”, as well as the careers accounts of major companies. Instagram is increasingly used to share job offers in photos or videos. Facebook, meanwhile, offers specialized groups featuring jobs in various sectors. Search these groups using keywords relevant to your search. 

Recruitment professionals: true ambassadors for your application

Recruitment professionals are important partners for candidates seeking new career opportunities. Calling on recruitment experts allows you to benefit from support throughout your recruitment process. In addition to providing support, our consultants offer individual advice on how to improve your CVs and cover letters and adjust your skills. They provide a detailed presentation of job vacancies, boosting candidates’ chances of success. When it comes to finding job opportunities in finance, accounting and payroll, specialist recruitment firms offer considerable advantages. Recruitment firms are aware of job market trends, remuneration levels and growth sectors. They provide candidates with valuable information to help them make informed career decisions. They are experts, which means they understand in detail the skills and subtleties needed to succeed. This expertise reduces the risk of recruitment errors by matching candidates with positions that correspond to their profile.

Moreover, they have advanced tools and methodologies for identifying job opportunities, including those that go unnoticed. They guide candidates towards positions they might not otherwise have considered. Once registered in the firm’s database, candidates are connected directly to human resources managers. This ensures that their applications are sent to the right people, improving their chances of success. 

Job-hunting can be demanding, but by following these tips and working with Fed Finance, you can set yourself up for success. Clearly define your objectives, perfect your CV, rely on your professional network, prepare thoroughly for interviews, maintain a positive attitude and consider using a specialist recruitment firm. By adopting a specialized, proactive and diversified approach, you will significantly increase your chances of finding the finance job you are looking for. At Fed Finance, we are committed to being your partner of choice in your search for professional opportunity. Remember that every application and interview is a learning opportunity, and your perseverance will pay off in the end. Looking for your next opportunity in the financial sector? Put your trust in Fed Finance Switzerland by sending us your spontaneous application via this form. A consultant will contact you as soon as an offer matches your profile.