Why submit your CV to a recruitment agency ?

Posted by Fed Finance Suisse in Our employment advice
Posted at 14/06/2023
Why submit your CV to a recruitment agency ?
Every day, many candidates turn to recruitment firms.Here are the advantages and reasons why candidates use recruitment firm.

Every day, a large number of candidates apply for jobs on their own, but just as many turn to recruitment agencies specializing in finance to help them in their job search. Indeed, finding a professional opportunity is not an easy task and is a time-consuming process. To stack the odds in their favor, candidates can submit their CVs to an employment agency, whose role is to assist them in their job search. What are the advantages of submitting a CV to a recruitment firm ? 

Benefit from recruiters’ expertise

Firstly, candidates can call on the expertise of recruitment agencies. In fact, our consultants are experts in finance, accounting and payroll, with a real mastery of their sector and a very good knowledge of the field.

Moreover, our recruitment agencies supports all types of companies in all sectors with their recruitment needs. This expertise, a guarantee of quality, reduces the risk of recruitment errors. In fact, our consultants make sure they find the job that really matches your profile, considering your previous experience, projects, skills and your expectations.

Access to exclusive openings

After the interview process, recruitment firms direct candidates to openings matching their needs. They can also present applicants openings that are not necessarily on the market, or openings they might not have considered. This maximizes your chances of success, and ensures that you find vacancies that really match your expectations. Our consultants are also in direct contact with recruiters, and relay their clients’ job openings on professional social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as on jobboards.

A network of recruiters 

Once you’ve been interviewed by one of our consultants, you’ll be added to the Fed Finance database and can be called back on a regular basis when a professional opportunity corresponding to your profile becomes available. In direct contact with human resources managers, recruitment agencies pass on your application directly to the person concerned, without having to go through overloaded e-mail addresses when a job vacancy is advertised. This is an invaluable help in finding a job, and gives you the certainty that your application will be read, even if it doesn’t necessarily lead to an interview or hiring.

Personalized support 

 Our consultants will support you and, if necessary, give you advice on how to improve your chances of being recruited, such as modifying your CV or cover letter, adding or removing skills, etc… A detailed presentation of the offer will be given to you to help you make your decision.

Throughout your career, it’s important to keep the firm informed of your professional development, so that you can be offered opportunities that match your expectations. Our recruitment professionals are well aware of job market trends, so they’re always willing to discuss your desire to change professions, and can advise you on current market dynamism, compensation and industries with the most potential. You need to see the firm as an ally and a partner, able to support you throughout your career.

Working with a recruitment agency means you will be supported by professionals with real knowledge of the job market and specific recruitments tools. Reduce the risk of errors and save time by sending your CV to a specialized recruitment agency. Are you looking for the job of your dreams ? Here are the different ways to send us your CV: submit your resume on our website via the vacancy you’re looking for, or submit an spontaneous application on our website. Don’t forget that recruitment agencies also post job offers on jobboards and LinkedIn.