Why trust a recruitment firm?

Posted by Fed Finance Suisse in Our employment advice
Posted at 21/06/2023
Why trust a recruitment firm?
Every day, many candidates carry out their job searches on their own, but we're seeing a growing interest in recruitment agencies as a means of finding a job. What are the reasons why candidates are turning to recruitment professionals ? Going through a recruitment agency means multiplying your chances of finding a job, without having to multiply your search, but not only...

Our expertise at your service

Fed Finance is a Geneva-based recruitment firm specializing in temporary and permanent recruitment for finance, accounting and payroll positions. In fact, our consultants are experts with a real command of their sector and a very good knowledge of the field. We support all types of companies, and do not work on an exclusive basis.

Our consultants conduct their research in parallel with you, and work to meet your needs. The aim of our recruitment agency is to help our customers succeed in their recruitment projects, and to support candidates in their professional development.

Searching for candidates on LinkedIn requires real expertise and a well-developed, qualified network. In addition to identifying and meeting candidates, our role is to approach them, arouse their interest, promote your company and check the correlation between your needs and candidates' expectations. Our aim is to make it work, and to do so over the long term. Every year, Fed Finance conducts a survey of the finance job market. Remuneration, candidates' points of view, the impact of the economic situation, the types of profiles sought, etc., all the key aspects of a good understanding of the sector are studied.

Experts Tools

Our consultants have access to tailor-made expert tools such as our Salesforce CRM (ALFed), combined with an application tracking system to facilitate candidate research and profile development. Our recruitment firm is also on the cutting edge of technological advances in recruitment, and now relies on AI to pre-prepare candidate profiles. Our consultants use the most effective tools to identify the best candidates, and your advertisements are posted on all the appropriate job boards. CVs are sourced from a multitude of external CV database. Quality and responsiveness are the words that characterize their ambition on a daily basis. They will meet your expectations as quickly as possible, and let you benefit from our visibility as well as their database of candidates, all of whom have been met and assessed.

A proven methodology

Every candidate we put forward for a position has been interviewed face-to-face in an in-depth personal interview. Their administrative documents (diplomas, work certificates, etc.) have been validated. With their agreement, we also take references. Once you've selected your talent at the end of your recruitment process, we're at your side to ensure their integration is a success! Recruiting with Fed Finance means having a privileged contact to understand and meet your needs. What's more, our consultants work together to meet your needs: a real team effort is made to find a candidate with the profile that matches your expectations. Recruitment firms are often associated with additional costs. It's important to note that using our services does not require a deposit or any other fee before the debut of your resource you’ve hired via our services. Your goal becomes our goal. Our aim is to assist you and present you with the best profiles based on a pre-selection process, not to recruit a profile that is likely to leave in a few months' time. Should this situation arise, don't panic: we support our customers throughout the entire process, and we also offer a replacement guarantee that incurs no additional costs if the candidate's trial period comes to an end.

Trusting a recruitment firm means being advised and supported by experts with an in-depth knowledge of the job market and specific recruitment tools. Reduce the risk of recruitment errors and save time by relying on a specialized recruitment firm.  Are you looking for a new employee for your company? Take advantage of the many benefits of working with Fed Finance. Please enter your requirements in this form and do not hesitate to contact us for further information.