Why use a specialist recruitment firm?

Posted by Fed Finance Suisse in Our employment advice
Posted at 04/10/2023
Why use a specialist recruitment firm?
Find out how Fed Finance Switzerland, a recruitment firm specializing in finance functions, can help you to recruit qualified new employees.

Recruitment represents a major challenge for companies wishing to strengthen their teams by hiring qualified staff. In a highly competitive sector, companies need an effective recruitment strategy to attract the best candidates. That is where the services of a recruitment firm specializing in finance in Switzerland come into their own. In this article, we explore the many advantages that a partner such as Fed Finance can offer companies seeking talent in the finance and accounting field: 

Benefit from our expertise 

A specialized recruitment firm like Fed Finance has in-depth knowledge of the local financial market. This sector-specific expertise enables them to quickly identify the candidates best suited to the company’s specific needs. When you entrust your recruitment process to Fed Finance, you can be sure that your vacancies will be widely shared in Switzerland via our strong presence on professional social networks and local job boards. Moreover, throughout the recruitment process, you will be accompanied by our consultants: they will be there to support you in your recruitment choices on various subjects such as the benefits to be offered to your employees, remuneration, optimizing your job offers, etc.

Access to a pool of qualified talent 

There are many reasons to outsource your recruitment process to a specialist recruitment firm. One of the main advantages is access to a vast network of qualified professionals. Our consultants maintain close relationships with potential candidates, enabling them to present their clients with the best candidates who are either actively seeking a position, or are on the lookout for one in the traditional job market. Our consultants use expert tools such as our Salesforce CRM (ALFed), paired with an application tracker system, to help them find and profile candidates. 

Save time and effort 

The recruitment firms take charge of the entire process: our consultants search for and select the best candidates on your behalf. We conduct in-depth interviews to verify their skills and obtain references from their former employers. Trusting a recruitment firm speeds up the recruitment process and reduces the time needed to fill a vacancy. By reducing the time spent hiring a new employee the company can minimize the problems associated with insufficient staff. 

Adaptability and flexibility 

Recruitment requirements vary from company to company. A specialized recruitment firm is capable of adjusting to the needs of each company, whether to fill permanent or temporary positions. This ability to adapt is an invaluable asset for evolving companies, making Fed Finance the ideal ally for your future recruitment needs.

Outsourcing your recruitment process to a recruitment firm specializing in finance functions, such as Fed Finance, gives you access to a pool of qualified talent. Moreover, you will limit recruitment errors, as each candidate is met during in-depth interviews where their skills will be assessed. In addition to finding your next employee, Fed Finance consultants are available to advise and support you throughout the process. Take advantage of our consultants' expertise by filling in this form with your recruitment needs and expectations. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.